SingerSongwriting by "Mamoselle M."

Right now I´m in preperation for my first album as a SingerSongwriter in collaboration with musicians in the field of electronic music and R&B.

My first album "Let it love" will be released in 2024. 

If you are interested to work with me feel free to send me an email:

You find rough demos of my work on YouTube and on Instagram reels. 

More information about my work as a SingerSongwriter is soon online!

Love, M.

"Wien ist anders - somewhere else" Austria 2017


"Frei sein/Skydancer" Denmark 2022 (Soundcloud)

Selection of previous music projects are soon online! 

2023 "Your time is now" on Youtube Mamoselle M.

2022 "Just because" Performance outdoor, Musicvideo in progress
2021 Various rough demo songs on Soundcloud Mamoselle M.
2019 "Thank you for being" video in progress 

2017 "Wien ist anders - somewhere else" on Youtube Mamoselle M.
2012 "Betonblumen" Rockopera 
2008 "Till &Eule" Bandleader

and so forth...


Photo credits:

"Wien ist anders - somewhere else" in Vienna, Austria Photos by Ronnie Stemper (Music and Video on Youtube)

"Frei sein (Skydancer)" in Esby, Denmark Photos by Shaon (Music on Soundcloud)

Alexandra-Maria Marcus is member of AKM and Austro Mechana